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Arsene Wenger once famously said, “I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” While it applies to all our endevours in life, one cannot overlook how quintessential the quote is to the beautiful game.

This is because football is art but more that that, football is a way of life. There have been many wise people who have learnt about life with the ball at their feet. Such is the impact a ball can have. Football is one of the few things in the world that single-handedly unites humanity in times of misery, shows us the light during darkness and helps us look beyond the archaic man made contours of religion, race, gender, caste or creed.

Sure there is fierce rivalry in the game but it is for the good. If played in the right spirit, football has the power to even end wars and unite us. Perhaps Bill Shankly was right when he said that the game was much more serious than life and death because it is. Even the less privileged would see football as the only glimmer of hope in their life, like a candle’s wick burning itself to provide the light.

While not everyone has the same ability to culture a foot and become world class at elite levels, there are others who were born to study the game like a philosopher and write about its finer nuances. Footy Analyst enables just that. In a digital age where experts of the beautiful game have unique viewpoints and unexpressed opinions, Footy Analyst facilitates a platform for these philosophical views about the game to be presented.

Started in a coffee shop by 3 disciples of the game, Footy Analyst has grown into a blog with writers and designers worldwide who take you back in time in 3000 words or present original opinions on the game. It is rightly said that a keyboard is mightier than a sword and Footy Analyst proves just that, with our writers using words in various guises to take you deep into the phenomenal world of football.

While working on extremely limited budget, we also manage to support local football teams as part of our social outreach for the game and to propagate football at the grassroots.

Our sincere efforts have not gone unrecognised at all. Footy Analyst was a finalist at the Football Content Awards alongside some of the top websites in football media industry. Apart from this, one of the Billionaire club owners read (and recognised) one of our articles and had got in touch with us personally to discuss the piece. Our content was also translated and reproduced by some of the top media companies in the Middle East. In 2021, FeedSpot included FootyAnalyst in the list of Top 100 Soccer Blogs that every fan must read. All these success stories only encourage us to bring you better content. Thank you for reading our content and supporting us.

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