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Words have the power to flame the spirit of people. Football, more than any other sport, does the same. When the power of words combines with the the spirit of football, it can do things that is rarely seen elsewhere. We believe in the esoteric form of storytelling where football meets poetry in motion.

If you cannot get through a single day without thinking about the beautiful game and if you consider words to be your greatest asset, you are welcome to contribute to Footy Analyst. We are always on the lookout for people who bring the emotions associated with football to life with their words.

You may pitch your ideas to footy.analyst@gmail.com or contact us for more information.


The criteria for your article to be published are (but not limited to):

1. Authenticity of your words is of supreme importance. The submitted article is expected to be an original piece of work that does not contain sentences or paragraphs (except referenced interview quotes) from previously published work.

2. The ability to convey the message or deliver the content within the requirements of word count is appreciated. The submitted piece should have a minimum of 800 words for opinions. For long form piece covering a historic match, a significant incident or a profile of a legend, the minimum requirement is 2000+ words.

3. Pieces that have already been published elsewhere will not be accepted. We do not publish syndicated articles.

4. We pride ourselves for the integrity and dignity conveyed with our words regardless of the opinions, since the game would not be the same without respect. Expressing opinions and point of views are encouraged but submitted content must not contain offensive language or target an individual, race, religion, caste or so on.

5. Footy Analyst reserves the rights to turn down a submission if it has excessive grammatical errors, spelling errors or if it does not meet the above criteria.


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